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    distribution essentials
Once available to only large Tier 1 distributors, warehouse management systems are now scaled to meet the logistical needs of mid-market distributors and WMS from Infor leads the way. WMS is a powerful warehouse management system that provides a proven, reliable and remarkably easy-to-use means for operating even the most complex distribution operation. Using hand-held bar-code scanners, WMS is a high-performance, web-based solution designed to improve warehouse efficiency, streamline materials handling processes, meet retail compliance requirements and improve inventory accuracy.

    The ROI is Real – An Investment in Ongoing Success Although implementing WMS is a financial investment, it is truly an investment in the future success of your company. Both hard-dollar and soft-dollar savings start adding up from day one, making the return on investment significant. When you consider the overall savings resulting from dramatic improvements in productivity, efficiency and accuracy – how can you afford not to invest in WMS?

“After implementing WMS we saw an immediate and significant reduction in picking errors from five a day to just five a month – now that is substantial.”

- David Lee,
CEO Auto Electric
  Integration and Implementation WMS works as part of a complete operational solution by interfacing seamlessly with Infor ERP FACTS to integrate your accounting, shipping and warehouse functions companywide. We provide the valuable resources that can lead your company through a successful WMS implementation. Our proven project planning and systems integration processes ensure a smooth and efficient implementation, thereby getting your WMS solution to market quickly.
    A Closer Look at What WMS Can Do For You Save time. Save money. Improve productivity. Increase accuracy. Enhance customer service. It all sounds good but exactly how and where do these benefits become reality? Through the use of leading-edge technology, below are some of the many process improvements and productivity enhancements your business will recognize with WMS.

   Maximize warehouse space and streamline work flow to enhance efficiency
   Eliminate physical searches for lost or misplaced inventory
   Expedite the relay of order information from customer service to warehouse pickers
   Handle inventory just once; reduce time at packing by direct picking into shipping cartons
   Leverage flexible picking styles to react quickly to waves of high-volume, peak-time activity
   Eliminate time-consuming, manual Order and PO Receipts Confirmation processes
   Improve productivity by picking and receiving multiple orders simultaneously
   Reduce costly errors through interactive barcode verification of inventory
distribution essentials
“Finally I have confidence in my stock levels without having to do physical counts. With WMS, when we see a number we know that it is right.”

- Danny Musgrove
Warehouse Manager
Bauerfeind USA, Inc.
   Reduce employee learning curves and training times, cross-train more effectively
   Improve productivity and reduce errors because processes are organized and automated
   Automatic tracking monitors employee productivity and improves accountability
   Remove receiving bottlenecks by eliminating the breakdown and sorting of incoming POs
   Eliminate extensive physical inventories to reduce overtime and keep operations running
   Improved inventory management optimizes inventory turns to improve cash flow
   Provide accurate, real-time validation of warehouse functions using RF handhelds
   Reallocate warehouse knowledge-base from individuals to a shared software application
   Improve customer service by filling and shipping orders more quickly and accurately
   Automated billing and receiving functions reduce the efforts of office staff
“WMS gives us the ability to process orders more quickly, provide better customer service and improve our cash flow, thereby positioning us to more than double our business without additional investments in equipment or personnel.”

- Bob Glen
Kipp Brothers
WMS Also Supports the Following:

   FIFO and LIFO stock rotation
   Pick or track product by lot or serial number
   Track and report on dated product
   Create custom reports and pack slips for client needs
   Ship the right goods, on time, every time
   Increase accuracy to reduce customer service calls
   Allow staff to quickly track and trace all orders
   Check order status online in real-time

Additionally, you will enhance your prestige and credibility within your industry by leveraging leading-edge technology to maximize productivity and ensure accuracy throughout your organization.