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AutoQuotes Interface
Improve the following:
 Better Quoting Tools

Utilize the strength of the AutoQuotes Quoting System and have it interface directly to your Infor ERP FACTS System.

 Import quotes for existing or new customers
 Import items:
   Matched to the FACTS item file
   Matched to the catalog file
   As ‘temporary’ or ‘non-stocked’ items
   Add them to your Item File ‘on-the-fly’ with the Quick Add feature

 Flexible Item Import Options:
   Add a prefix to item numbers
   Add a suffix to item numbers
   Enter a list of characters to remove from the item numbers imported (dashes, spaces, etc.)
 Option to import accessories as items or as memo lines
 Option to print accessory memos on the customer invoice or to exclude
 Convert the FACTS Quote to a Sales Order and it creates the Purchase Orders if needed

 Audit trail by AutoQuotes project number is maintained throughout

 Supports import of AutoQuotes documents > 999 lines

AutoQuotes Screens