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distribution essentials

Distribution Essentials
Enterprise, eBusiness
If you are like most distributors you have thousands of items in your catalog and you spend thousands of hours-and dollars—manually extracting, aggregating, and updating item information—information from a myriad of databases, suppliers, and other sources. Despite all of the time and money you spend on catalog management, you still have a catalog with errors, outdated information, inconsistent formats, and inconsistent information
Fire up your online
sales by putting
your entire catalog
  Your current method of catalog management may not be using your resources in the best way, efficiently meeting the needs of your current customers, or helping you reach potential customers effectively
    Your catalog can contain the most current item and price information, include state-of-the-art search capabilities, and provide thousands of items that are not currently in your physical warehouse, if you have the catalog management tool: eCommerce Catalog.

distribution essentials
Business Benefits:

We offer the ability for you to
access customer account
information and orders while
away from the office.
  eCommerce Catalog provides an automated means of effectively and efficiently aggregating, managing, and delivering product information in an online catalog and includes the following benefits:

Give your customers product
and account access 24 x 7
from any Internet connection.
   Fully integrated with eCommerce Storefront.

 J2EE compliant to ensure maximum security, portability, performance, and scalability

 Loads item information from your host database into your eCommerce Catalog database and keeps changes in sync.

 Includes data manipulation tools which allow multiple catalogs, creating new item class hierarchies, and other manipulation.

 Allows an unlimited number of item categories, custom item attributes, and attachments. Attachment files can be any type of media file, including image, document, movie, CAD drawing, product specification, etc.

 Includes search and replace "normalization" tools to insure that end-users will find items quickly and that the presentation of catalog information is consistent, regardless of the origin of the information.

 Adapt to your current Internet storefront and let you showcase items you don't typically stock in your warehouse without incurring the cost of stocking additional items in your physical warehouse.

 Reduce the manual labor required to publish catalog content and generate files for your catalog print process.

 Facilitate user actions such as searches and buying decisions through a feature-rich GUI.

 Provide data aggregation tools to facilitate importing supplier catalog content for both stock and non-stock items. Content data can be imported via the Internet, CD, or a data file and can include item descriptions, price, specifications, etc.