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First Call Support is your first phone call to obtain technical support, error resolution, initial modification requests or requests for services. Your First Call contract allows for unlimited calls to our First Call Support Specialists without additional charge to your company. Please see below for definitions of call types covered/not covered by your contract.

Hours of Coverage: Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm * Central Time

Holiday Schedules are published in October of each year for the upcoming year.
For a copy of our 2012 Holiday Schedule, visit our website at . Please call if you have questions.

Dispatcher: Your call will be answered by either a First Call dispatcher and logged into our system or directly by the Support Specialist.
Should there be multiple calls coming in, calls will be prioritized based upon the criteria below.

System Down: Company Typical response time: 10-20 minutes or less.
Critical department down; unable to process critical data, unable to enter orders or meet shipment commitments. Typical response time: 30-40 minutes or less
Non-Critical department down Typical response time: 1-2 hours or less
Procedural Questions Typical response time: Same day, 24 hours or less
New Service Request Projects Typical response time: Same day, 24 hours or less

If for some reason you need to leave a voice mail message be sure to include the following:
Company name, Contact name, Phone number {ext.}, Error #, Line #, Program, Brief description and Priority

Calls left on voice mail, sent by fax or requested via the website may not always reach our First Call department due to technical problems such as our website or fax going down. If we have not responded to or acknowledged your call within a reasonable time frame, please call so that we may properly respond to your call. Please do not report system or department down via fax or email.

Calls covered by your First Call contract:
 System down caused by a runtime error
 Adding new users
 Procedural questions regarding how FACTS application software works (Example: “What is an item class?” would be covered. “How do I structure my item classes?” would not be covered.)
 Modification requests and/or requests for other services
 Communication with our vendors to report suspected bugs
 In all cases, First Call will make a good faith effort to resolve your problem. If the call can’t be resolved with 30 minutes of effort, your call may be passed to a second level specialist. The second level specialist will analyze the issue and determine the next steps which may include additional effort under First Call or deciding the issue has exceeded the scope of First Call.
 If the second level specialist is unable to resolve the issue, you will be notified by the Dispatcher that this slip/ticket has become a billable event and we will request your approval to move forward with the issue. This may delay the resolution of this issue until we receive the appropriate approval from you. You will not be billed for the initial support effort.

Calls NOT covered by your First Call contract:
 Support calls placed directly to employees without first calling First Call
 Any problem requiring a site visit
 Changes to operating environment, i.e., new peripherals, software installation, network configuration, etc.
 Operating system problems not resolved by good faith efforts
 Data recovery, disk cleanup services
 Questions dealing with how to apply FACTS to your specific business, FACTS training or any business consulting services
 Report Writer set up, ODBC report set up
 Programming assistance or services
 Any call made directly to an employee that did not go through First Call line or Dispatch

Before and After Hours Coverage: This service is available upon prior approval by Pivotal Systems; please contact First Call to arrange.
* No back up resources are available on Saturdays or holidays. Some issues may not be resolved until the next business day.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy as needed.