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If you count your monthly transactions by the tens of thousands and the number of SKUs you handle by the tens or hundreds of thousands, you’re in a select group of distribution companies. Few companies must contend with a business model as complex as yours. And in a business environment with constant pressure to improve service levels, increase inventory turns, and optimize transportation costs, you can’t survive without a full range of enterprise functionality tailored to your unique requirements. But broad ERP solutions where distribution capabilities are a secondary concern won’t cut it. Neither will niche solutions that don't provide sufficient breadth of functionality. To thrive, you need a powerful enterprise solution designed specifically for complex environments.

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Infor™ ERP SX.enterprise has been designed specially for distribution companies of this nature. More than 800 customers with revenues ranging from $50 million to $1 billion or more have implemented this powerful solution to reduce costs and maintain high customer service levels. Infor ERP SX.enterprise delivers end-to-end inventory management and optimization tools, supply visibility, replenishment, and demand management capabilities and provides automation across core materials management, financials and transactions, and sales operations. This rich and scalable functionality is the reason leading companies in building materials, electrical, industrial, plumbing, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) rely on the solution to run their complex operations.

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Infor ERP SX.enterprise is a full-featured client/server system that supports flexible, event-driven operations running on the latest Window®-based connectivity standards. Business processes are automated using an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface. With Infor ERP SX.enterprise, your company has the capabilities necessary for complete supply chain coverage, including planning, order management, consolidation, inventory visibility, point of sale, and logistics.

Supply Chain Management
Positioned at a critical point in the supply chain, distribution companies must efficiently manage and move goods in order to support their business and those of their supply chain partners. Infor ERP SX.enterprise offers what you need to handle the supply chain management challenges inherent in managing a complex, high-volume, high-SKU distribution environment.

 Inventory Control—tools to establish reorder points, print physical count sheets, and perform a variety of other inventory control processes.

 Kit Production—allows users to manage kit production more efficiently through the use of an innovative and automated way to package and market products.

 Purchase Order—manages the purchases of both stock and non-stock orders recommended by the inventory control and sales order programs.

 Service Warranty—a tool for streamlining service and repair functions by centrally managing the entire cycle of activities required for addressing billable and warranty maintenance and repair of customer products.

 Warehouse Management—an integrated solution for realtime management of warehouse workflow, including product movement, receiving, shipping, picking, counting, and inventory adjustment.

 Value Add—tools to support efficient inventory management and finished product fabrication processes, including packaging, customer-required additions, product refinement, and finishing per specification.
 Advanced Order Controls—allows users to take advantage of complex ordering formulas while considering important factors such as average sale quantity.

 Buyer’s Control Center—consolidates relevant buyer information in one location to enable more informed, efficient purchasing decisions.

 Integrated Barcode—provides user-defined barcode label printing and radio frequency assisted receiving, shipping, and physical/cycle count.

 Vendor Managed Inventory—seamless and automated communication to expedite inventory processes and reduce manual intervention in handling off-site, vendormanaged inventory.

Financial Management
Distribution companies with complex operations understandably demand comprehensive financial management capabilities to help them address competitive cost pressures, tightening compliance requirements, and the unique challenges of operating in multiple locations. Infor's modules deliver.

 Accounts Payable—helps users manages the entire payment process by entering invoices from the Purchase Order system or directly through Accounts Payable.

 Accounts Receivable—helps manage the entire receivables process including payment terms, credit limits, payment history, dunning letters, service charges, disputed invoice designation, invoice history, and numerous reports that provide alerts to credit problems.

 General Ledger—provides flexible account definition and profit definition as well as direct journal entries, recurring entries, reversing entries, allocations, budgeting, financial statements, and interface transactions.

Performance Management
Informed decisions that move your business forward are only possible when you have access to accurate, up-todate information and the ability to analyze that information. Infor ERP SX.enterprise has a full range of performance management capabilities that enable you to manage your business against your strategic goals.

 Analytics—a Windows-based business analysis tool for analyzing and measuring business data, eliminating unprofitable products, increasing efficiency, accessing valuable information, reducing IT support costs, and improving communication.

 Event Manager—a powerful performance management tool that enables users to set triggers in advance and ensure that exceptions are caught before they become problems.

 Personalized Dashboards—tools that enable users to develop their own interactive dashboards to access relevant business information more quickly in a self-service, webbased environment.

 Report Manager and Report Scheduler—powerful tools that allow users to create, manage, schedule, and store a wide variety of reports.

 Job Management—allows users to simplify contract jobs by automating bidding, awarding, billing, maintenance, and tracking procedures.

 Point of Sales—a single system for managing, analyzing, and integrating your entire sales operations.

 Sales Order Management—a comprehensive tool for generating quotes, converting quotes, logging future orders, and controlling inventory commitment for effective sales order management.
With today’s Internet-based business environment, customers and suppliers are demanding that distributors do business with them 24x7. Infor's eCommerce capabilities support around-the-clock, seamless transactions and access to key information such as order status and product information.

 eBill Center—enables users to deliver invoices and statements electronically and enables customers to make payments online by credit card or electronic funds transfer.

 eCommerce Storefront—provides a state-of-the-art web interface and attached product catalog to enable a superior shopping experience for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer web-sites. The catalog features an easy-to-maintain web portal that efficiently aggregates, manages, and delivers a user’s entire production offering online.

 Infor Mobility—handheld mobile client devices, other tools, and information that sales representatives need to generate sales and enter orders remotely.

Supplier Relationship Management
Tight linkage with suppliers is fundamental to improving operational efficiency and responding faster to customers. Infor ERP SX.enterprise helps to create a more collaborative environment with your suppliers.

 eBuy Center—enables users to replace manual, paperbased procurement processes with automated, electronic processes without the cost of connecting to suppliers via EDI or XML.

 Supplier Link—tools to manage the flow of supplier data into your system to ensure product and pricing information is current and accurate.
Customer Relationship Management
Infor ERP SX.enterprise provides capabilities to keep you in close touch with your customers and their priorities, enabling your business to enhance its service levels.

 Customer Relationship Management—a single repository for capturing and managing all touchpoints and interactions with customers, partners, and employees for improved customer care and management of operations.

 Contact and Activity Manager—a single-system approach to managing contacts and activities that streamlines customer interactions and project management.