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Business Management

Sales Orders gives users a powerful tool to manage and monitor the entire sales process from quotes to invoices all with just a few keystrokes. It eliminates guesswork and provides a powerful tool to help manage the sales process. You can generate a quote, recall a previous quote, convert a quote to an order, log future orders and control inventory commitment all with a few keystrokes. Immediate inquiry access further enhances the speed and quality of customer service.

Manufacturing Control provides distributors with a highly efficient system for managing the production process and supports make-to-order, configure-to-order, make-to-stock and kitted production.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows processing of inbound and outbound documents, such as purchase orders and invoices. For distributors, this tool can dramatically improve cycle times, productivity, data integrity and customer service, while reducing paperwork and transaction costs.integrates.

Faxlink provides users with a tool to fax reports and documents from an Infor ERP FACTS program. Faxlink helps speed collections by faxing past invoices. You can create as many custom cover pages as needed. Anything you can print, you can quickly and easily fax.

Archive is a secure storage and retrieval system that lets you automatically archive your reports online, saving time, paper and storage space while protecting you from lost or misplaced documents. Archived reports can be easily retrieved, viewed, printed and refiled as needed.

Forms Management gives your Infor ERP FACTS system the ability to print documents on laser printers with plain paper. A professional image is created for your company with enhanced shading, font attributes and logos.

Job Cost manages product handling in the warehouse with bar-code technology and software automation that provides extremely accurate and efficient control over receiving, counting, moving, picking, packing and shipping of product.

API Toolkit (Application Programming Interface) allows other computer systems to request information from your system. Users can leverage the API Toolkit to integrate their supply chain to gain efficiency and accuracy.