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Pivotal Systems was founded in 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and quickly became recognized as a leader providing excellent sales, service, and support of Infor's ERP Supply Chain Distribution application, called FACTS. Since 2004, we've been a very successful member of the select group of certified Infor FACTS development partners. Pivotal Systems now offers a powerful and diverse suite of native and add-on modules for FACTS, all of which help maximize the return on your investment.

As the author of the native Relationship Management (RM) module and interface to MaxRecall, plus over 20 add-on modules, Pivotal Systems adds significant value to your FACTS system. With decades of experience from hundreds of successful installations, with enhancements too numerous to count, and by using proven methodologies, our products are rock solid with outstanding benefits and performance.

Pivotal Systems is committed to the satisfaction and loyalty of each and every one of our customers and end-users by providing prompt and competent national support to more than 3,000 end-users, either directly, or indirectly through their solution providers. Contact us today to learn how Pivotal Systems' products will help you maximize your software investment.

Primary Products/Services

 FACTS Version
 RM for Mobile Devices  7.7+
 PCI Credit Card Integration with USAePay  7.5+
 Credit Card Payments for Open Receivables  7.5+
 Vendor Rebate Tracking/Reporting  7.4+
 UPS/FedEx/Speedy/Custom Shipping Interfacing  7.5+
 Quick Books (formerly Exactor) Sales Tax Calculation Interface  7.7+
 Inventory & Pricing Data Exchange (Export/Import)  7.5+
 Customer Data Exchange (Export/Import)  7.5+
 Automated Document Distribution (Print/Email/Fax)  7.5+
 Document History (Activity Tracking)  7.5+
 Customer/Vendor/Item/Document Synchronized Note Viewer  7.5+
 Mass Customer Deletion  7.5+
 Mass Inventory Item Deletion  7.5+
 USPS Address Verification  7.7+
 Alpha-Numeric Document Numbering  7.7+
 Programmatic Field Level Security  7.5+
 File Change Audit Inquiry  7.5+
 Line Entry Importing from Excel  7.6+
 Order Entry Quantity Break Suggesting  7.7+
 Printer Selection Control for Entry Programs  7.7+
 Auto Quote Interface  7.6+
 Quote Load API  7.8 & 7.9
 RM / Add-On Module Training & Support  
 Add-On Module Installation  
 Custom Development & Programming