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distribution essentials

Distribution Essentials
Enterprise, eBusiness
If you don't have a web presence, you're missing out on business opportunities. Consumers have come to expect that they can find products and information online, at their convenience. So, you have a web site, you're all set. Or are you? It's not enough to just have a catalog online anymore, customers expect the web sites they visit to do more for them.
Automate your
billing processes
with eBill Center!
eCommerce Storefront provides a state-of-the-art web interface, designed to provide a superior shopping experience for both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) web sites. Featuring a robust catalog with an advanced search, order entry and tracking capabilities, and account maintenance, it has all the features you would expect. It also has a host of customer personalization features—such as, custom shopping lists and wish lists—that help make each user feel like your web site is working for them and that your business is meeting their needs.

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distribution essentials
Business Benefits:

Offer your customers online
shopping, advanced product
searches and account
  eCommerce Storefront provides an automated means of effectively and efficiently aggregating, managing, and delivering product information in an online catalog and includes the following benefits:
     A complete self-service tool lets you receive customer orders and helps you reach customers anytime, anywhere, expanding your business without expanding cost or hours of operation.

Give your customers product
and account access 24 x 7
from any Internet connection.
 Specials lists let you target specific items for mark-down or promotion. Shopping lists let you customize content for your users. Wish lists let users customize content for themselves. This type of customized content helps you manage your customer relations and promote inventory based on interest and need.
 A robust catalog and an advanced search help customers quickly find products and obtain additional information, price, and availability for items. Sales are not lost to frustration or the inability to find products or information.
 Interfaces for B2B and B2C audiences extend your reach to the consumer market, adding to your customer base without burdening your customer service staff.
 Shipment tracking lets customers monitor their packages once they leave the warehouse. Providing a complete order to door solution for order tracking enhances customer service and builds trust.
 Java-based application and XML transactions position your technology in the most current development environment, making maintenance, upgrades, and product customization less expensive.