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Security Matrix

The security matrix programs are designed to work with the power of ExcelŽ to allow you to effectively set or maintain your entire security matrix.  

Use Security Matrix to:

 Establish and maintain FACTS program security by user defined job function or program group

 Create a visual matrix of your security in Excel

 Export user codes, programs, passwords and access codes into ExcelŽ

 Associate programs to job functions or program groups

 Import program security codes, passwords, access codes and valid user security code strings into FACTS

 Automatically includes all custom programs

 Comes with a fully functional ExcelŽ template

Security Matrix Screens

  With this screen, you can export or import program security information, user level information or both.

  When you press the generate button, the string of valid codes for the user is automatically generated

  Select your own job function or security code groups.
Assign users to the groups

  Results are written back into the spreadsheet for a clear audit trail