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With Pro Business

Intelligence you can

better understand your

operations and make

more informed

business decisions.

The Pro Business Intelligence (Pro BI) solution takes data collected and stored in Infor ERP FACTS and turns it into meaningful information that you can use in your daily activities. With information in accessible reports and analysis, you can make better and more timely business decisions. It gives you the means to understand the "why" behind your business performance.

Pro BI delivers an affordable and fully integrated set of business intelligence capabilities so you can perform your own multidimensional analysis, create reports and easily share the results to make better decisions. Novice to advanced users across your company can explore large volumes of summarized data in seconds.

Pro BI draws information from your system database to model and build PowerCubes ("Cubes"). Cubes are optimized data sets that enable users to perform analysis with quick response times These cubes can help you analyze multiple aspects of your business—to see how sales might change over time; how often inventory turns; how suppliers have performed and more. Below are just a few of the cubes available:
    Accounts Receivable History Customer Returns
    Open Accounts Receivable Purchase Order History
    Sales Analysis Sales Order Booking
    Inventory Turns New Customer Accounts

distribution essentials
Developed by Earnest &
Associates, an Authorized Infor
Channel Partner, Pro BI is
certified by Infor as a leading
solution for Infor ERP FACTS.
By selectively creating alliances
with partners that maintain the
same the same rigorous quality
standards for programming,
design and functionality, Infor
provides our customers with an
expanded and enhanced

Easy-to-Use Analysis

The cubes allow users to engage in multidimensional analysis of their data by using point-and click and drag-and-drop functionality to create dynamic, interactive reports. Three simple but powerful capabilities allow users to analyze information from any point of view:

Drill down: Gain fast answers to key information by easily moving from one level to the next
Slice-and-dice: Interactively explore data in any combination, from every conceivable angle
Graphical analysis: Choose from a wide range of graphical displays, making it easier to spottrends and understand the key factors driving the business

Data Exploration Features

Ranking, sorting, and filtering: Quickly rank or sort data to determine your top-to-bottom, best-to-worst performers; the 80/20 filter automatically groups all categories that amount to less than 20% of a row total or column into an "other" category
Projections: Forecast trends by extending current data forward a number of designated periods
Exception highlighting: Automatic exception highlighting clearly shows values in a report that are above or below a value range
Scenario Dimensions: Explore alternative scenarios, such as Actual, Plan and Forecast
Find: Search for specific categories within cubes and reports

Visualizations Help Simplify Complex Data

  The Pro BI solution uses sophisticated visual reports ("visualizations") to communicate complex business data quickly and intuitively. The display measures from multiple cubes simultaneously in an executive dashboard format using easy-to-read charts and graphs. When people view several reports at once, they can see how information correlates and make better decisions. Dashboard views, instant-impact visuals, aggregate displays, interactive exploration, flexible chart types allow for fully customizable displays with many options for style, color and layout.
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