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Mass Customer Delete Utility

Pivotal Systems’ mass customer delete utility allows you to quickly and efficiently delete unwanted or inactive customers. You no longer have to go to multiple screens to delete associated data only to find out that there is one more place you have to go.    

The user friendly front end allows selection by:

 Customer range
 Salesperson range    
 Customer class range    

You then select a customer where all of the sales information will be combined and a last sale date cutoff.
Improve Productivity!

For customers who meet the selection criteria the following files will be checked to make sure that there is no current activity:

 Open accounts receivable
Avoid the tedious
 Open sales orders  
process of deleting
 Open blanket sales orders  
customers one by one

Selected customers will then be presented in a window that will give you one last chance to un-select a customer for deletion.

Data that will be deleted in addition to the customer record:

 Ledger cards
 Customer notes
 Past Sales & Invoices
 Paid documents & Payment history
 Customer contract pricing
 RM & Telefacts contacts
 Faxlink Records
 SO & AR recurring documents
 PO customer cost contracts
 RM Customer profile
 All sales analysis files<

Modules not supported in this version:
 Job Cost module Customer companion (if used)
 Equipment Rental module
 Service & Repair module AR invoicing header & detail
 EDI module