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Shipping Integration Interface

Eliminate shipping errors and improve customer service by integrating FACTS directly with your Shipping Integration system.

Current Modules available are UPS, Fedex, Spee-Dee & Manual Freight Entry

Highlights include:

 Automatically populate the Shipping Integration system with sales order address information

 If available, pass your customer’s UPS or Fedex account number to the Shipping Integration System
Streamline your freight management
by interfacing directly to the
Shipping Integration system
from FACTS!

 Automatically return shipment information to FACTS including tracking numbers, weight, freight and shipment void indicators

 Send shipping notification with tracking numbers via email

 Optionally import freight charges to the invoice

 Provide access to shipping information through Sales Order and Past Invoice inquiries

 Provide hyperlink access to the Shipping Companies website for shipment tracking

Shipping Integration System
PC Connected to Shipping Integration

 Manage only one database of customers – FACTS, not two or three separate shipping stations

Note: Modifications to the interface may be required, due to changes made by the Shipping company to the Shipping Integration system. Each change will require a review by Pivotal Systems to determine if any changes to the interface are necessary. Any changes required will be quoted.


Shipping Integration Interface

Tom Stokes – PFC Equipment

“PFC has been using the UPS Worldship interface with FACTS for many months. We have found greatly simplified many aspects of the shipping process at PFC.

 Automatic download of ship-to addresses eliminating time and mistakes.
 Ease of tracking via Past Invoice Inquiries – tracking numbers available and new live link makes tracking simple.
 Email notification of shipments – when requested our customers get an automatic email when their packages are shipped via UPS.
 Outbound freight cost easier to tie to Sales Orders

I strongly believe that the integration of UPS Worldship and FACTS has had a very positive affect on the entire shipping process. It eliminates multiple data entry points, simplifies tracking and offers the automated email notification. All accomplished at a nominal cost to us.”
  Mona Thorpe – Minnesota Glove

“Having Shipping Integration set up with FACTS has been a great benefit. I believe shipping errors are less, especially to customers with multiple locations. We also avoid shipping errors because customer service enters the correct address in FACTS, then it never has to be re-keyed on the UPS system.

I've noticed our UPS invoices have fewer corrections (@ $5.00 a piece) for City or Zip Code changes. Such as Minneapolis is not Plymouth. It's always the ‘little things’ that make life better.”

Tom Fournelle – Ms. Dee/ Molly ‘N Me

“We just upgraded with the freight/tracking module, and couldn’t be happier. Before this, we would have to put the customer on hold, go through the day’s picking tickets for the tracking numbers, and finally go to fedex.com and track the packages.

Now, all we do is bring up the invoice, click the tracking button, and the packages, individual costs, and weights come up. Then click on the package, and the tracking info pops up. It’s way faster than before the upgrade!

Again, before we upgraded, we used to have a long procedure involving a download to a transfer area, moving the file to server 2 and then into Excel, running a macro, then uploading to the database so the ship-to addresses were available to the shipping software. If there was a change to the ship-to, we had to page the shipping dept. and have them run another update. IF they were busy, or we forgot, the package would go to the previous shipped to address!

With the upgrade, every 20 minutes addresses are uploaded to the shipping database, and tracking information is downloaded to FACTS. We don’t have to worry about changing ship-to information. (There is a manual update, if needed.) It takes about 35 seconds for the up/downloads, and doesn’t interfere with shipping.

We’re very please with how much time it saves, and how much is simplified procedures. Our only regret is not doing it sooner!