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Data Exchange for FACTS
Data Exchange is a program designed to export data to Microsoft Excel®. Then it can be imported back into FACTS. Alternatively you can take an electronic price update from your vendor and use Data Exchange to quickly update information in FACTS.

It is written with the FACTS tools so it’s easy to use.

Use Data Exchange to:

 Simplify and accelerate vendor cost & price updates

 Automate the process of matching FACTS item numbers to vendor spreadsheets

 Perform complex costing, pricing and margin calculations<

 Facilitate inventory data clean-up
 Create non-stocked items from a vendor spreadsheet   Requirements:

 Graphical Windx client
 Locally installed Excel®
 FACTS version 7.3 or higher
 Data clean up for many purposes, e.g., preparing for a web Storefront    

For more information please contact:

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Straight forward mapping tools are used to control exporting of FACTS data to a spreadsheet and importing spreadsheet data into FACTS.

Export data to a pre-formatted spreadsheet template or let Data Exchange create one for you.