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Credit Card Storage

Summary of Credit Card Information Storage

The purpose of this module is to enable the secure storage and retrieval of customer credit card information. Increasingly, credit cards are used for the payment of purchases processed through the FACTS system. It is advantageous to store the credit card information used in these purchases for use in the future but the nature of this information makes it imperative to encrypt the data, control access and to limit the length of time this information is retained.

This system allows for the capture and retrieval of CC information during the sales order cycle as well as all of the standard places in base FACTS. It also provides a separate file maintenance routine for the entry of new cards or the maintenance of limited information on existing records.


All card data is encrypted and canít be maintained. Security profiles can be established that limit which users can retrieve cards and also restricts the days of the week and hours that card information can be retrieved. Since the data is stored in its encrypted form Report Writer or ODBC will only see the encrypted data.

Automatic Purge

The system can be configured to automatically purge card information based on expiration date, # days since last use or the number of failed authorizations.

This modification works with the Credit Card Cash Receipts.

Credit Card Storage Screens